Here at Care Home Podiatry we do not just come and cut your residents toe nails – at every visit our Podiatrists will carry out our Signature 6 point Foot Check to identify signs of problems such as pressure sores or skin infections. It is our firm belief that prevention is better than the cure, and nowhere is this more true than in the foot.

This regular check may help to identify and manage potentially serious complications for residents of care home – such as pressure sores or Diabetic foot ulcerations.

Our 6 point Foot Check includes;

  1. Foot pulses – to check that the circulation to the foot is in good condition.
  2. Between the toes – looking for common problems like Athletes foot which can lead to more serious complications such as cellulitis.
  3. Bottom of the foot (Plantar foot) – the most common location to find problems such as corns and callus or diabetic ulcerations.
  4. Top of the foot – looking for swelling, or corns on the tops of toes
  5. Around the heel – looking for callus, fissures or signs of pressure sores.
  6. Ankle and shin – to check for signs of leg ulcers

By taking this standardised approach we are able to improve the consistency of the care we provide and proactively manage any problems on our patients feet. This will also help any care home we work with to evidence that the care they provide is Safe and effective in the eyes of the Care Quality Commission.